Fun workshops

Fun workshops

Learn while having fun

Observe, handle and create. During the spring holidays and in the summer the castle organises fun workshops for learning and developing imagination: architecture, heraldry, medieval costume jewellery, calligraphy, stained glass, etc. The workshops are in French.

The small architects of the medieval castle

During the visit, children learn about the castle, its architecture, the defensive systems and the use of the various buildings (keep, dwelling tower, chapel, etc.) with the help of an instructive booklet. They then participate during the April holidays—making a semi-circular vault using timbers. An introduction to archaeological digs is organised in the summer. 


Azure with a golden lion... Argent with two azure fesses... The vocabulary of heraldic blazons is strange. The person running the workshop makes heraldry more familiar by explaining the origin, colours and meaning and then the children make their own arms using the rules of heraldry and their imagination. 


A workshop for learning the basics of calligraphy and to discover the use of writing in the Languedoc on the basis of documents from the municipal archives. The children make a calligram on the theme of castles and knights. 

Practical information

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