The Printemps des Pierres de Sommières

The Printemps des Pierres de Sommières

Become a sponsor of the heritage of Sommières.

The Printemps des Pierres de Sommières is a fund for the conservation and display of the heritage of Sommières. Supporting it means that you are making a contribution to the cause and become a valuable and essential partner in the cultural life of our town.


It is an act of generosity and involvement and also, since the law of 1 August 2003 an act of reason as you benefit from particularly attractive fiscal advantages to reduce your income tax.


A few examples of projects:

46 sponsors aided in the restoration of the façade of the neo-Gothic church. The €4,960 collected was added to public funding to cover the total cost of €62,485 before VAT from the restoration of the masonry and stained glass of the rosace and the waterproofing of the upper cornice.

The Roman structure is entirely conserved and still used today. The monument is one of the rare inhabited bridges in Europe, like the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

The project consists of the purchase and refurbishment of the cellars under the bridge, the restoration and protection of the Roman arches, the showing off of the bridge (lighting) and a request for protection as a historical monument.

Project completed: the refurbishment of the castle chapel (Saint Sauveur), inaugurated in 2015.

Future projects: continuation of the restoration of the castle (historical monument).

Restoration of the logis (living quarters)

Restoration of the ramparts

Recovery of the parade ground


Private individuals or companies wishing to make a donation to the Printemps des Pierres de Sommières to aid restoration projects for the Sommières heritage can contact:

04 66 51 19 71 or the Tourist Office 04 66 80 99 30

Facebook : PrintempsdespierresdeSommieres